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Our typical process is to learn the stake holders goals for the property and then use diagnostic equipment to measure building performance, perform utility bill analysis, and utilize energy modeling software to calculate return on investment and maximize local, state, and federal rebates.  While we can install most any material, our preference is to use high recycled content, reclaimed, low, or no volatile organic compounds, highly efficacious products to enhance building safety, durability, comfort, and efficiency.  We are experts in the fields of property restoration, preservation, rehabilitation, new construction, water/moisture remediation, indoor air quality enhancement, pressure test verified building air tightness, thermal imaging for diagnostics & repairs, water quality analysis and remediation, all types of insulation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, oil, propane, gas, air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal (hot water) & solar electric (PV), micro wind & micro hydro for both land and sea habitats (boats).

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We work with programs that offer both cash incentives and 0% interest financing. We can also achieve from 1% energy saving to 100% off-the-grid Passive house.

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